Global Reach

In May of 2014 DUENSING KIPPEN became the member of Ally Law. Founded in 1990, Ally Law is an affiliation of prominent law firms represented across the globe that provides clients a rapid and effective response to their international business challenges. Ally Law has 63 member firms with over 100 offices in 45 countries and is expanding.

Membership at Ally Law is generally limited to one legal firm per jurisdiction and is not open to application but available only by invitation. Thus, DUENSING KIPPEN was honoured to have been invited to undergo and pass Ally Law's standard and rigorous year-long vetting process - which included close reviews of practice standards, professional ethics, control procedures, accounts review, practitioners' qualifications, site visits, management interviews, as well as client interviews.

Although each firm at Ally Law is independent, together the partner firms are tightly networked and connected internationally. This, perhaps more than the few global law firm brands operating in Thailand that share the same singular branding, but which charge significantly more as a result of this branding for the same services. Continued membership requires a significant commitment for all of the partner firms in terms of annual quality compliance reviews, as well as mandatory global, regional meetings in person partnership meetings and monthly telephonic practice conferences. With our Ally Law global footprint, DUENSING KIPPEN is able to provide our clients with high quality cost effective legal services worldwide.